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Harvest International

Custom Built Planters

Harvest International
Planters Customized for your operation


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Built for Precision and high speed planting. With the most durable row units in the industry and many different frame options the configurations are nearly endless. See the Gallery below for some of the builds we have done.

Row Unit Features

  • Laser-cut, high tensile steel construction Stronger than Cast-Iron

  • 15.4" Vertical Travel (Laserpro X)

  • QuickRelease™ closing wheel mount

  • Hydraulic Down Force-Ready X-Plate

  • Parallel link arms w/ tapered, high-strength polymer bushings

  • Lateral closing wheel adjustment

  • Built-in camber adjustment to easily adjust gauge wheel angle to stay true against disc openers

  • Greaseless lateral adjust on gauge wheel arm

  • Compatible with all Precision Planting components

Bar Features

  • 8"Twin - 30" Spacing

  • Bulk Fill up to 180 Bushel capacity

  • Mini, 1.6, 1.9, or 3 bushel hoppers

  • Front or Rear running tires for front Fold Frame

  • Up to 185 cu/ft dry or 1000 gal liquid Fert on board with central fill on series 2 bar

  • Hydraulic weight distribution S2 Bar

  • 5 Section Frame Flex option 60' S2

  • 620/40 R22.5 tire option on 40-60 foot models

  • Aulari Single disk dry openers

  • Sunco unit mount dry openers

  • And more...

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