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Ferti-Go 4s For Planters and Strip Tillers


Valve controlled Hydraulic Motors. 

Rate controller ISO Bus or 20|20 vApply Granular

4 Section Swath control

Hydraulic Drive with ISOBUS Compatibility
ST-Series applicators use hydraulically driven systems.  Factory optional ECU's allow for simple straight rate application or ISOBUS compatible variable rate application.

Match Your Working Width
 ST-Series applicators can be fitted with 8, 12, 16, 18, 20 and 24 metering runs and the primary air delivery lines can be split downstream to deliver up to 48 rows of product. 

Roller Metering
ST-Series applicators use peg roller meters, which excel at metering seed or fertilizer. Compared to auger metering these rollers offer greater accuracy, are less susceptible to plugging, are easier to change and do not grind product.  Peg rollers are equipped with brushes for self cleaning. Low rate rollers available for cover crop and micro nutrients.

Meter Removal and Clean out
A hopper slide gate and removable bottom makes emptying tanks quick and easy and meters simple to remove. 


Metering Output (Single Fan): Up to 200 lbs / acre @ 6 mph on 24 rows*
Metering Output (Optional Dual Fan): Up to 400 lbs / acre @ 6 mph on 24 rows*

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