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Nitrogen Management Tools

360 Drag Chain
Reduce the risk of an open seed trench
Target your fungicides, insecticides and nutrients where they're needed most- under the crop canopy.
360 Chainroll
Create the right environment for soil microbes and nitrogen availability.
360 Sprint
Nitrogen on the go. More acres per hour, day and season.
360 Yieldsaver
Save more of what you grow with 360 Yield saver
360 Bandit
The simple, safe solution for banding nitrogen with your planter.
360 Bullet
Fracture the complete soil profile for better root penetration and access to nutrients.
360 Wave
Enhanced seed-trench closing with rapid starter uptake.
360 Soilscan
Know exactly how much nitrogen you have left with 360 soilscan.
360 Glide
Automatic height control for y-drops
360 Y-drop
Boost yields by an average of 13.8 bushels per acre with 360 Y-drop.
360 Guide
The simple solution for steering in tall crops.
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360 Guide

The simple solution for steering in tall crops.